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For packaging content, language layout information and system requirements, scroll till the end. The wooting one premium version will soon be out of stock, only a few language layouts left.


The Analog Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

The latest technology optimized for your style of gaming


Take analog control of your games

Take analog control of your games with the pressure sensitive keys, just like a joystick controller. Never lose immersion and gain smooth steering control in games such as GTA5, PUBG, Rocket League, Track Manua, Dirt 4, and etc.


Gain the speed advantage

Experience unprecedented input speeds using Flaretech Prism Optical switches and Wooting's in-house made firmware optimized for gaming.

Flaretech specs

Linear 55 "Red switch"

  • Operating force: 55cN
  • Linear
  • No feedback
  • 100.000.000 clicks life
  • Similar to mechanical red switches

Linear 55 "Blue switch"

  • Operating force: 55cN
  • Non-linear
  • Clacky and tactile
  • 100.000.000 clicks life
  • Similar to mechanical blue switches

Firmware performance

  • Scanmatrix: 1000hz (<1ms)
  • Debounce: 0.03ms
  • Polling rate: 1000hz (1ms)
  • N-key rollover & Anti-ghosting


Digital input - It can TyPe

It's still a mechanical keyboard with digital 1 or 0 input. Even when you're using the analog functionality, it works at the same time without compromises.


Adjustable actuation point

Dynamically adjust the actuation point to 1.5mm for competitive gaming, or adjust it to 2.5mm for errorless typing. Change it anywhere between the 1.5 to 3.6mm at your choosing.


Per-Key RGB & Lovely effects


To Sum it up

Laser Fas‍‍‍t Input
Action is reaction with near zero input lag you’re 10x faster than any professional e-sports player, unless they use a Wooting one of course.

Full Analog
Every key is pressure sensitive and detects analog input.

N-key Rollover (NKRO)
Grow extra fingers, start typing like a maniac and simultaneously press all the key‍‍‍s, it will never miss a stroke with N-key rollover.

Modular keyboard
Swap the MX keycaps, switch and/or top plate for another. Customize it to your taste.

Cable Management
A three-way cable gutter underneath the keyboard for the… Detachable Micro-USB Gold Plated Braided Cable. Boom!

Onboard Memory
Save all your preferences on the keyboard, not in the cloud, and configure up to 4 profiles.

Create gaming profiles, tweak analog sensing, the actuation point and more; all saved on the keyboard.

Individual R‍‍‍GB
Customize key-by-key to your favorite color and run those fancy pancy effects.

Smart FN Me‍‍‍dia Keys
All the function keys within easy right-hand reach. Easily transform the media keys into dedicated keys with FN toggle.

Plug & Game
Plug in and start playing ‍‍‍analog. No native game support required thanks to Xinput and Directinput.


Language layouts

The Wooting one has a standard bottom row size, OEM layout and can fit Cherry-MX (+ shape) type keycaps. Otherwise, you can order an ISO/Big enter layout in the following languages:

  • English (UK)
  • Nordic

With enough requests, we will also provide other languages. You can share your request with this form.


Package contains:

  • Wooting one keyboard
    • 88x Red or Blue flaretech switches.
    • Braided Micro-USB cable
  • First aid kit:
    • 1x Keycap/switch puller
    • 5x top plate screws
    • 4x Red flaretech switches
    • 4x Blue flaretech switches
  • Extra set of switches
    • 88x Blue flaretech switches.


Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 - Mac OSX - Linux
  • 1 USB port
  • The internet – Optional for downloading the Wootility

The Wootility is supported on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux. Mac OSX and Linux only support DirectInput and not Xinput.

Backlight: Individual backlit RGB with key-by-key programmability
Switch option: Red flaretech or Blue flaretech
N-key rollover: Yes - full
Onboard memory : Save up to 4 profiles on the Wooting one
Cable: Micro-USB 2.0 to USB 2.0
Dimensions: 369mm x 161mm x 41mm
Weight: < 1 kg
Warranty: Full 2-year consumer warranty
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