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1.1 What is your warranty & return policy?
1.2 What is the difference between ISO and ANSI layout?


1.3 What is the first aid kit?

We've lost some screws with our own prototypes and stepped on some switches before, so to help you out every Wooting one comes with a first-aid kit.

It contains:

  • 1x Keycap/switch puller
  • 5x top plate screws
  • 4x Red flaretech switches
  • 4x Blue flaretech switches
1.4 When can we purchase the Flaretech switches separately?

Coming! You can always ask us at [email protected]

1.5 Do you support “my language”?

Language input is arranged by your PC. The keyboard layout is available in both ISO and ANSI form factor.

At the moment, ISO form factor comes in either:

  • German language keycaps
  • French language keycaps
  • United Kingdom language keycaps

 As a small company, it’s the only option we have to offer your language. We’re not able to stock many languages nor can we produce a very small quantity of one language.


Always keep an eye on the language layout dropdown for the latest information.


If your language is not available in the shop. You can send an email to [email protected] to let us know or fill in the form to vote.

1.6 Do you ship to my country?

There is free shipping in the USA and in nearly the entire European Union (EU). If you’re from outside these regions, there is a shipping fee.

We ship from The Netherlands for Europe and international orders.

We ship from the USA for North America orders.

If you’re shipping outside the USA and EU please beware for your country’s local sales tax and import duties.

2 Technical
2.1 Why doesn’t the keyboard read the full range of a key?

The current switch only reads a range from 1.5 – 3.6 mm for now. There's an R&D barrier that needs to be overcome to increase the range.

The limitation is in the switch, not the software or hardware inside. The switch is a dummy device and swappable for another, so your Wooting one is future proof in case of any new developments.

2.2 Is it necessary to download the software?

It’s not necessary to download software. The necessary drivers for analog gaming are already located on Windows 7, 8 and 10. With the configuration software, you will be able to customize/tweak your controls, customize profiles and share them, among other things.

2.3 Can we customize the actuation point?

You can customize the actuation point to your liking anywhere within the Analog range starting 1 decimal. For example:

  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • etc.

You can also instantly switch in between actuation points. You need the configuration software to adjust our default settings.

2.4 How do games support analog input from a keyboard?

The Wooting one can be recognized as a regular Keyboard, Gamepad with Directinput and Xinput controller (Xbox controller).

Any game that supports either Directinput (Gamepad) or Xinput (Xbox controller) will also support analog control with the Wooting one.

Because it’s natively recognized as a gamepad, Xinput controller, and Keyboard; You don’t need any software, game directory changes or fiddling around. Just plug in the Wooting one and start playing.

Unfortunately, some game developers that have implemented Xinput in their game, also decided to turn off the Keyboard & Mouse when Xinput is detected in the game and visa verse. This means that there are some games out there that won’t work properly with analog movement.

For example: In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (MGSV), you have excellent analog movement with the Wooting one keyboard but the game doesn’t support using both controller and mouse simultaneously. So the game keeps switching between, making it impossible to play.

Don’t worry, though, the Wooting one is also an excellent mechanical keyboard and you can still play the game like you would with a regular keyboard.

Read the long story here.

We are constantly working on improving this experience and are dedicated to making analog keyboards rock.

2.5 Does it work on Mac OSX and GNU/Linux?

The keyboard is still recognized as a keyboard, Xinput and DirectInput device but Max OSX and GNU/Linux do not natively support Xinput and DirectInput. Therefore, nearly all the gaming functionalities are not available in analog mode.

Furthermore, the configuration software is first released for Windows and is necessary to configure settings/profiles on the keyboard. Therefore we do not officially support these platforms yet.

We are looking at supporting Mac OSX and Linux by initializing it as a HID gamepad. This will go hand-in-hand with the configuration software release.

2.6 Does the analog function of the keyboard influence normal typing?

No, the analog will not influence typing at all. The analog does give you an extra option to set your actuation point, among other things.

3 Wooting one
3.1 Does it have Media keys?

The media keys are hidden in a function layer on the keys: Delete, End, Page down, Insert, Home and PageUp.

You can access them by using the FN key or you can turn on FN toggle and change them into dedicated keys. I.e. swap them with the first layer.

3.2 Where is the numpad?

For our first model, we chose to have a tenkeyless model, so you can save some desk space (among other things). If you’re new to it, trust us you’ll love it.

3.3 Is it NKRO?

It’s true NKRO, no tricks. You can press all keys simultaneously and it’s all sent within 1ms. It also has anti-ghosting.

3.4 Does it have RGB backlit?

All keys are RGB backlit and individually controllable. You can do all kinds of crazy things with it. There are default settings on the Wooting one but it’s also possible to customize and make your own preferences with the configuration software.

3.5 Which Flaretech switch do you recommend?

We recommend the Red flaretech switch for the best analog experience. The Blue flaretech switch has a minor bump that will skip a slight bit. It’s not as much as you would think or know as other blue switches, but it’s there.

When you opt for a basic model with Blue flaretech switches, you will also receive x4 Red flaretech switches. When you opt for a basic model with Red flaretech switches, you will also receive x4 Blue flaretech switches. you can swap it for your movement keys

When you opt for the premium model, you have everything at your disposal.

3.6 Are all keys analog?

Every single key is analog. The entire keyboard is analog. Meaning that we can read how far and fast you press each and every key on the Wooting one.

3.7 What is an analog keyboard?

Analog versus Digital input. Digital input means the keyboard can only send an on/off signal. Analog input means the keyboard can send multiple levels of input ranging from 0 to 100%.

The  Wooting one can read exactly how far down you press a key and translates this into analog input. You can use this in similar ways to how an analog stick on a controller works.

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